Plate Evaporator

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Features of Plate Evaporator
1. The plate evaporator features high efficiency, compact construction, easy dismantlement and cleaning, etc.

2. It can be used in a low-height plant.

3. In addition, its function can be willfully adjusted by increasing or decreasing the quantity of the plates.

Plate Evaporator Applications
The plate evaporator is widely used in the concentration of various materials. For instance, it is ideal concentration equipment for milk and condensed milk production process, as well as juice, drinks and pharmaceuticals products.

Specifications of the Plate Evaporator
Evaporation capacity: 500KGS-40ton/h
Heating average: saturated steam, ³0.2MPa
Operation condition: low temperature, negative pressure
Options: vapor thermo-compression or machinery vapor compression
Construction material: stainless steel for the parts that may contact with the target materials, and corrosion resisting material for the other parts
Height of the plate evaporator: Max. 4.5m

As a manufacturer and supplier of plate evaporator in China, YINJI Company also provides flash evaporation degassing machine, cap sterilizing machine, cream separator and integrated CIP system, among others.

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