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XZT flash evaporation degassing machine is an automatic control system designed for use in milk or other related material evaporation. Take milk evaporation and degassing as an example. In general, the milk is put into the vacuum container and heated by the plate-type heat exchanger of the evaporation degassing machine. In this way, the water in milk is evaporated. Then the steam is cooled in the pipe-type heat exchanger. After going through such a process for about five times, the water in milk is evaporated enough, and the milk is hence degassed fully.

Technical Specifications of the Flash Evaporation Degassing Machine
Outlet capacity 2000-15000kg/h Product discharging temperature 60 ℃
Evaporation capacity 13 % --15.4 % Feeding and discharging of cooling water 4 "
Inlet capacity Outlet capacity +15 % Temperature of cooling water Max . 35 ℃
Feeding/discharging temperature 80 ℃ /60℃ Water feeding diameter 1 "
Cooling water 100t/h at 30 degree Conditioning air feeding diameter 1 "
Steam consumption 1500-4000kg/h,5bar Steam feeding diameter DN50
Temperature of hot water 82-90℃ Compressed air consumption φ6mm
Product feeding diameter 2 " at 5bar Power supply 3*400VAC
Product discharging diameter 2 " Power capacity/consumption 30-80KW
Product feeding temperature 80 ℃

As a flash evaporation degassing machine manufacturer and supplier in China, our company also provides liquid deaerator, UHT milk tubular sterilizer, cream separator, spray tunnel sterilizing machine, and others.

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