Liquid Deaerator

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1. This liquid deaerator is usually used for the vacuum degassing of juice to restrain its oxidization and brown staining. While degassing, it can also eliminate the gases attached to suspended particles in juice. In this way, these particles will not float up; hence the appearance of the products will improve. In addition, the liquid deaerator can also improve the sterilizing effect and reduce the corrosion to the inner parts of the containers by minimizing foaming during high temperature sterilization and filling.

2. The liquid deaerator is also used for the vacuum degassing of liquid milk or milk drinks, either after homogenizing or before filling.

Major Materials of the Liquid Deaerator
The liquid deaetator adopts stainless steel for the parts that may contact with the target materials. The seal ring is made of silicon rubber used in food industry with high quality.

Major Technical Specifications of the Liquid Deaerator
Production c apacity (kg/h) Area of the high level condenser (m) Feeding material temperature Discharging material temperature Power (kw )
2000-20000 3 68-66°C 66-62°C 10.35-35

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