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This aseptic bag filling machine utilizes an electromagnetic flow meter to control filling volume, thus ensuring filling precision. Meanwhile, it's made to ensure clean and aseptic performance, and is designed with an aseptic filling chamber, reliable sterilization, and good performance self-cleaning system.

Our aseptic bag filling machine is widely used in food packing, biological, and pharmaceutical industries. For instance, it is an ideal aseptic packing solution for apple juice, tomato sauce, pineapple juice, and tea drinks, etc.

Main Technical Parameters
Model JP-GZS1 single head aseptic bag filling machine JP-GZD2 double head aseptic bag filling machine
Filling capacity (Litre/h) 1000-3000 4000-8000
Power (KW) 1 1
Steam consumption (0.1mpa, kg/h) 20 40
Compressed air consumption (8kg/cm2) 20 40
Filling speed 12-15 24-30
Weighing error ±1% ±1%
Maximum weighing capacity (kg) 2000 2000

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of aseptic bag filling machine in China, we also provide evaporation machine, degassing machine, ice cream processing equipment, plate sterilizer, and more.

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