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1. Our lab liquid sterilizing machine can adjust the flow rate through the control over the homogenizer or the diaphragm valve.

2. The sterilizing temperature can be automatically adjusted by the PLC system, ranging from 63℃ to 140℃.

3. The operating power of our sterilizing machine is 8kw, with no additional power needed.

4. This sterilizing machine is equipped with a 120L/h, 60MPa homogenizer, and a 3000kw chiller. It is also equipped with a touch screen and PLC program control system, which can actively present the temperature, flow and other parameters.

Our lab liquid sterilizing machine is a kind of tubular sterilization unit, which is especially designed to obtain specific laboratory test data. It ingrates the heating, sterilization, cooling, heat recovery as a whole, and fully simulates the actual production flow in the workshop.

As a China lab liquid sterilizing machine manufacturer and supplier, YINJI Company also offers plate sterilizer, bottled products sterilizing machine, emulsifying machine, and ice cream processing equipment, among others.

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