Water Bath Sterilizing Machine

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1.The belt adopts the imported plastic mesh, which can resist high temperature and does no harm to the filled product.

2. Our water bath sterilizing machine is equipped with an imported system of automatic temperature control.

3. The cooling section is placed in the middle to guarantee good taste.

4. All the imported bearings are anti-corrosive, which ensures long shelf life.

5. This sterilizing machine is compliant with the hygienic standard, and can realize continuous working.

The water bath sterilizing machine adopts water bath heating method, and is applicable to the secondary sterilization and cooling of products with flexible package.

Technical Parameters
Sterilizing temperature (adjustable): 80℃-100 ℃
Sterilizing time: 6-40 mins
Cooling time: 6-45 mins

We Company is a specialized water bath sterilizing machine manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast array of products, including a spray tunnel sterilizing machine, liquid deaerator, ice cream processing equipment, and others.