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The sauce UHT Sterilizer is convenient for operation and cleaning. Now chemical agents are need during cleaning. Unique sterilizer structure design allows for heat exchange between the hot discharging material and the cool feeding material. Hence, the sauce UHT sterilizer is energy saving and its heat utilization rate is as high as 95%.

By heating materials for only 5-8 seconds, the sauce UHT sterilizer finishes sauce sterilization before the sauce starts vaporization. Thus, the sauce flavor is kept well, and has low loss in physicochemical indexes. The UHT sterilization equipment is designed with forced cooling system, so as to ensure sterilized sauce is up to related standards.

We can offer automatic and semi-automatic types of sterilizers. The automatic sauce UHT sterilizer comes with PLC control system and touch screen display.

Technical Specifications of the Sauce UHT Sterilizer
Model Production Capacity (t/h) Vapor Consumption (kg/h) Vapor pressure (Mpa) Power ( KW ) Tube Diameter ( mm )
Material Vapor Medium
BR 0.32 5 ≤76 2.5 2.1 25 1 ″ 25
BR 0.32 10 ≤152 2.5 2.1 25 1 ″ 25
BR 0.32 15 ≤218 2.5 2.1 25 DN32 25
BR 0.32 20 ≤304 2.5 2.1 25 DN32 25
BR 0.32 30 ≤608 2.5 2.1 38 DN32 38

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