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The plate heat exchanger gives excellent heat transfer characteristics and is ideal where space is limited. Its plates are imported from Germany with CNC molding technology, high pressure and slow die stamping. Thus, deformation and scratches of the plate and the block engine caused by unbalanced force are avoided, which leads up to a long service time.

The plate heat exchanger is made of 0.6-1.2 mm thick stainless steel SUS304, 304L321 and 316L. It has properties of energy saving, quickly heat transfer, high efficiency of sterilization and balance of heat transfer area.

The plate heat exchanger has a flow channel designed to distribute heat on the surface of plate as evenly as possible, which makes full use of heat transfer area and guarantees high heat transfer efficiency. It can stand high working pressure, with contacts around the edge of plates to prevent its deformation and the movement of the gaskets.

The plate heat exchanger is ideal for heating and cooling milk, fruit juice, dairy products and beverages. According to the needs of customers, the heat transfer area can be changed through adding or reducing the number of plates.

Technical Data of Plate Heat Exchanger
Model Plate dimensions (mm) Heat transfer area of single plate (m) Angle hole diameter (mm) Heat transfer area per set (m) Max working pressure (MPa) Max working temperature ( ℃ )
BR 0.05 490×170×4.7 0.05 φ34 0.5 -10 1.0 -20 to 150
BR 0.2 996×281×8.6 0.2 φ65 1 -60 0.8 -20 to 150
BR 0.25 1160×330×5.6 0.25 φ78 3 -60 0.5 -20 to 150
BR 0.32 1215×344×9.1 0.32 φ82 3 -100 0.8 -20 to 150
BR 0.5 1364×466×5.8 0.5 φ120 20 -134 0.8 -20 to 150
BR 0.6 1410×498×4.4 0.6 φ150 15 -150 1.6 -20 to 150

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