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The cooking kettle is widely used in food processing industries including candy, medicine, diary, wine, pastry, beverage, sweetmeat, canned food and many others. It's an excellent choice to improve product quality, cut down production time and better working conditions.

The cooking kettle uses high-pressured steam, electricity or conduction oil as heat sources. It's characterized with large heating area, high heating efficiency and heating uniformity. The liquid reaches fast the boiling point and the heating temperature is easy to control.

The component parts of the cooking kettle include a pot that rotates within 180º, brackets and a worm gear. All parts contacting with liquids are made of stainless steel SUS304. The stainless steal for the kettle inner surface is acid and heat resistant ensuring lifelong performance.

The cooking kettle is also equipped with pressure gauge and safety valve to guarantee protection and reliability, operating the cooking kettle in general is easy and safe.

Technical Data of Cooking Kettle
Water Pressure 0.15MPa ~0.25MPa
Steam Pressure 0.25 MPa constant
Effective Capacity 50L -1000L
Dimension of Interlayer 300mm ×210mm ×25mm
Steam Heating Temperature 101 ℃ ~135℃
Water Heating Temperature ≤100 ℃
Power Source AC 220V ±10% , 50Hz
Dimensions of Main Machine L 650 × B 350 × H 500 mm

As a specialized cooking kettle manufacturer in China, we provide a wide range of products that includes a cream separator, plate evaporator, plate sterilizer, spray tunnel sterilizing machine among others.

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