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  • Yogurt Fermenting TankThe yogurt fermenting tank has an interlayer and an insulating layer for heating, cooling and preservation. The tank body and the tank ends are all made using metal spinning technique, the tank ends can be cone shaped. The tank inner surface is mirror polished to achieve a smooth finish Ra≤0.4μm...
  • Ice Cream Aging TankThe ice cream aging tank is used for pasteurization and heat preservation of milk, essential in the modern production of ice cream. It's made by a tank, a jacket, an insulation layer, an outer wrap layer, a speed reducer, an agitator blade, a thermometer and other practical pieces for outstanding performance.
  • Milk Storage TankThe milk storage tank is mainly used to cool and store milk or other similar liquids. It's major supporting equipment for mechanized farms. It's also applied in manual ranches and milk storage area. Dairy plants use it to avoid bacteria multiplication keeping the raw milk in the best condition.

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