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The milk storage tank is mainly used to cool and store milk or other similar liquids. It's major supporting equipment for mechanized farms. It's also applied in manual ranches and milk storage area. Dairy plants use it to avoid bacteria multiplication keeping the raw milk in the best condition.

The refrigeration compressor of the milk storage tank won't break down due to overload or system failure because it is equipped with a reliable protector to limit the workload around a proper middle point.

The milk storage tank body is made of SUS304 or 316L stainless steel. There is an auto-agitator inside of it and a CIP spray header which auto rotates under pressure. The insulation layer has polyurethane foam providing good heat insulation.

Technical Data of Milk Storage Tank
Type Capacity (L) Refrigeration Capacity (W) R efrigerant Insulation Capacity Agitator Rotating Speed Motor Power Power Source
JDH-05A 500 3604 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 3KW 380V-50HZ
JDH-08A 800 5292 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 4.0KW 380V-50HZ
JDH-1A 1000 6678 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 5.0KW 380V-50HZ
JDH-1B 1000 6678 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 5.0KW 380V-50HZ
JDH-1.5B 1500 11340 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 5.5KW 380V-50HZ
JDH-2B 2000 14288 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 6KW 380V-50HZ
JDH-5C 5000 14288 ×2 R22 24h ≤2.0 ℃ 37r/min 6 ×2KW 380V-50HZ

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