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The yogurt fermenting tank has an interlayer and an insulating layer for heating, cooling and preservation. The tank body and the tank ends are all made using metal spinning technique, the tank ends can be cone shaped. The tank inner surface is mirror polished to achieve a smooth finish Ra≤0.4μm. The yogurt fermenting tank is easy to maintain clean without dead angle.

The yogurt fermenting tank has totally-enclosed structure that guarantees a stable pollution-free condition for the material to blend and ferment. The yogurt fermenting tank is equipped with an air respirator, cleaning balls, a manhole for cleaning, sight glass, lighting device and other practical pieces for outstanding performance. The effective volume of the tank ranges from 500L to 10000L.

As a China based yogurt fermenting tank manufacturer, our company also provides spray tunnel sterilizing machine, ice cream processing equipment, pasteurized milk plate sterilizer, liquid deaerator and more.

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