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Models: 3000L/H, 5000L/H

Features of Cream Separator
1. The cream separator features low height and small size, thus it is easy to operate and takes up less space.

2. It is of low power consumption due to its low motor power.

3. By adjusting the dual pressure-regulating valve, the density of the single cream can be willfully adjusted.

4. The separator bowl is specially designed, thus the cream separator has a high separating capacity and nice skimming and clarification.

5. The parts that may contact with the target materials is made of stainless steel, thus it meets the hygiene regulation.

Cream Separator Applications
The cream separator is widely used by large and medium-size enterprises in dairy industry. It is ideal equipment for milk skimming, whey separating, for production of butter, margarine, casein and cheese, the centrifugation and concentration of anhydrous butter is also applied, etc.

As a major cream separator manufacturer in China, YINJI Company also provides milk clarifier, tubular sterilizer, cap sterilizing machine, and plate evaporator, among others.

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