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Features of High Shear Emulsifying Mixer
1. The high shear emulsifying mixer is designed with a large scale of heating area, to ensure high thermal efficiency and well-distributed heating and cooling effect.

2. It is easy to operate and clean, as it has a very user-friendly construction. The inner part of the emulsifying mixer is mirror polished (Ra≦0.4um). Each inlet and outlet pipe, and the welding seam between the tank bottom and tank body are all in arc shaped, so they are easy for cleaning.

3. In addition, the high shear emulsifying mixer integrates multi-functions such as mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, dissolving, smashing, and more. To get emulsion, the emulsifying head casts the materials around the rotor to the stator at high speed; then with the gears of the stator, the materials are sheared, crashed and smashed between the rotor and the stator to be emulsified.

The high shear emulsifying mixer is used for the sugar melting and powdering of reconstituted milk, for the melting and stirring of beverage additives, as well as the processing of other seasonings.

Technical Specifications of the High Shear Emulsifying Mixer
Model Nominal volume (L) Outside diameter of the rotor (mm) Height of the high shear emulsifying mixer (mm) Emulsifying motor power (KW) Rotation speed of the emulsifying head (r/min) Mixing motor power (KW) Rotation speed of the mixing motor (r/min) Weight of the high shear emulsifying mixer (kg)
YHR-300 300 940 2030 4 1400 0.75 56 350
YHR-600 600 1100 2540 7.5 1400 1.1 56 550
YHR-1 1000 1400 2700 11 1400 1.1 56 680
YHR-2 2000 1600 3200 15 1400 1.5 56 885

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