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Features of Emulsifying Powder Dissolving Machine
1. Compared with the traditional dissolving process, this emulsifying powder dissolving machine has a compact and rational construction, thus it covers a smaller area and can be installed with more flexibility.

2. In addition, parts of this emulsifying powder dissolving machine that may contact with the target materials are made of stainless steel, thus it can be easily cleaned through both CIP and SIP.

This emulsifying powder dissolving machine is a solid-liquid mixing equipment with high efficiency and stability. It is widely used in industries as dairy food processing, drinks processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Technical Specifications of the Emulsifying Powder Dissolving Machine
Model Emulsifying capacity (T/H) Motor power ( KW ) Rotating speed of the shear pump (r/min)
YHL-I-6 0.3-3 5.5 2800/1400
YHL-I-8 0.3-5 7.5
YHL-II-6 1-6 11
YHL-II-8 1-8 18
YHL-III-8 1-10 18
YHL-III-10 1-12 22
YHL-IV-10 2-15 30
YHL-V-10 2-20 30

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