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The tea drink processing equipment makes the process for tea drinks or tea liquor, by extracting, filtering and clarifying brewed tea. Tea drinks also refer to tea products produced by adding water, sugar solution, souring agent, edible essence, fruit juice or extracted liquor of plants or grains to tea liquor, taking extracted tea liquor, tea powder or concentrated tea liquor as main raw materials.

The tea drink processing equipment not only preserves the unique flavor of tea, but also contains natural tea polyphenol antioxidant whit high nutritional properties and heath care value. Hence, tea drinks are ideal for satisfying the thirst and refreshing your body. We offer a wide range of beverage processing plant, machinery and equipment, like the tea drink processing equipment, which are manufactured using superior quality raw material to ensure durable performance.

As a professional tea drink processing equipment manufacturer, we provide a full set of equipment used for tea extraction, tea powder melting, mixing, sterilization, cap sterilization and spray tunnel cooling of bottled tea among others.