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UHT milk processing equipment is wildly used for processing and sterilizing liquid materials like milk. It heats milk for 4 to 5 seconds at the temperature of 137 to 140 ℃ to produce ultra heat treated milk.

High heat during the UHT process will mildly change the taste and smell of dairy products and losing of vitamins. Our UHT milk processing equipment possesses advantages such as shorter heating time, which helps to preserve the nutrition and flavour.

The UHT milk processing equipment is made with materials following the international standard of AISI316L steel or AISI304 steel. It features very short heating time, which causes less nutrition loss and greatly preserves the original flavour of the dairy products. Its full automatic control is reliable.

As a professional UHT milk processing equipment manufacturer, we provide a complete set of UHT milk processing equipment used for milk collection, milk storage, pre-heating, homogenization and degassing. Besides, we provide turn-key project for pre-treatment equipment used before ultra high temperature sterilization.